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3 reason's Men Cheat


1. They are never seen as successful in the eyes if their partner

No matter how successful you become, she'll see you as the guy that chased her. She is your greatest accomplishment in her eyes. Now, the 10 years younger version of your wife is impressed by your ambition, gives you attention and is begging to give you sex as your wife is denying you sex.

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Jada wasn't impressed by Will Smith's success. In her mind, her street cred was more valuable than his Hollywood credibility

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7x Jada humiliated Will


3 reason's Men Cheat


You'll trust her with your deepest secrets and she'll casually talk about it over cocktail with her friends. If a man finds out that his woman has told his business he'll never trust that woman the same. This is usually when the seed of cheating is planted.

2. They have been betrayed by her telling his secret to her friends!

You could be breaking your partner’s trust

Unless you’ve received your partner’s permission, it’s best not to assume they would comfortable with others knowing private information about them.

“What you may think is a cute or funny story about your partner’s life could be very embarrassing for them if you share it with others,” said Samantha Rodman, a psychologist in Rockville, Maryland.

3 reason's Men Cheat


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3. They needed her but didn't want her!

Women wonder why their boyfriend did the minimum with her but became a better man for the next woman? Well he uses a woman to supplement his foundation for the woman he wants, women who want a man but don't need a man attracts men that need a woman for a couple of months but don't want them for a real relationship.

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