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Michael Jackson and Hormone Injections: What We Know So Far

Michael Jackson and Hormone Injections: What We Know So Far

As fans of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, we were all shocked to learn about the latest revelation from his former doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray. In his recently released book, This Is It, Murray claims that Jackson received hormone injections when he was just 13 years old in order to delay puberty and keep his voice high.

In 1971, Jackson was still performing with the Jackson Five and on the eve of his solo career. According to Murray, Jackson revealed this information in a confessional conversation, sharing that he had been given injections, "probably hormones," to delay puberty.

The hormone injections, according to Murray, could explain some of Jackson's unusual behavior and morphological changes throughout his life. He also stated that Jackson had painful callouses on his feet, as well as a chronic fungal infection, which the singer was ashamed of and tried to hide.

Although Murray agreed to never reveal the information, he now feels the need to share it with the world. He believes that the information could provide some clarity and understanding into Jackson's unique and often eccentric personality.

It is important to note that there is no concrete evidence or proof to support Murray's claims, and some fans and experts have criticized him for exploiting Jackson's memory for personal gain. Nevertheless, this information is certainly intriguing and adds a new layer to the complex and fascinating story of Michael Jackson.

What do you think about Murray's revelations? Do you believe his claims about Jackson's hormone injections and health conditions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Michael Jackson, the famous pop star, had hormone injections at the age of 13 to delay puberty and maintain a high pitched voice according to his former doctor, Conrad Murray. Murray claims that Jackson confided in him about the injections during a conversation and believes they could explain Jackson's unusual behavior and morphological changes. Murray also writes about Jackson's neglected feet and chronic foot fungus in his tell-all book, This Is It. However, Jackson asked Murray to never reveal this information, but he has now chosen to do so in his book.

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