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The Perception of Slavery in Relationships

The Perception of Slavery in Relationships:

Women vs Men

The word ‘slavery’ is a term that has been used throughout history to describe the treatment of people who are forced to work for others without any choice or compensation. However, in recent times, the perception of slavery has taken on a new meaning, especially when it comes to relationships. In this blog post, we will explore the differing perspectives of women and men on what constitutes slavery in a relationship.

Women’s Perception of Slavery

For many women, slavery is staying home to educate and care for their own children. It is cleaning the house and maintaining the healthy nutrition status of all family members.

They see this as an important responsibility, as it ensures the well-being of their family. Women who choose to stay home to raise their children see it as a choice and a privilege, not as slavery. They believe that the work they do is essential to the health and happiness of their family, and they feel fulfilled by it.

Men’s Perception of Slavery

However, men often have a different view of what constitutes slavery in a relationship. They see it as taking care of kids that aren’t theirs, making 50% more but giving their partner 50/50 decision making power with the lion's share of their earnings.

They believe that they cannot discipline the children, they have to cook 50% of the meals and they are expected to sacrifice their life for their partner and those kids that they did not create. This can be a burden for men, especially when they feel that their rights and opinions are not being taken into consideration.

The Modern Woman

It is safe to say that for many men, being in a relationship with a modern woman can be seen as slavery. The expectations placed upon them can be overwhelming and can make them feel like they are sacrificing their own happiness for the happiness of others. This can create tension and resentment in a relationship, and can cause a breakdown in communication and trust.


In conclusion, the perception of slavery in relationships can vary greatly between women and men. Women see slavery as the work they do to care for their family, while men often see it as the expectations placed upon them in a relationship.

While both perspectives are valid, it is important for couples to have open and honest conversations about what they each consider to be slavery in a relationship.

By doing this, they can work together to create a balanced and healthy relationship that works for both partners.

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