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A Texas "Dreamer" found himself in a difficult situation after an immigration meeting in Juarez,


A Texas "Dreamer" found himself in a difficult situation after an immigration meeting in Juarez, Mexico. Jaime Avalos, a 28-year-old DACA recipient, traveled to the US Consulate in Juarez in August 2022 for an immigration interview, a necessary step in the process of trying to secure US residency and eventually citizenship. However, the meeting quickly turned into a nightmare when Avalos learned that he had illegally reentered the US after a brief trip to Mexico when he was 7 years old, resulting in a 10-year ban on returning to the US.

Growing up in Houston as an undocumented immigrant, Avalos was constantly living in fear of being taken by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. However, his fears dissipated when he secured DACA status at the age of 18, granting him temporary reprieve from the threat of deportation and eligibility to work in the country. Avalos graduated from high school, got a job, and every two years, he diligently renewed his DACA status ahead of the deadline. In 2019, he married his adolescent sweetheart, Yarianna Martinez,

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who was born in the US and is a US citizen. The couple recently purchased their first home in Houston and were building a life together in the country they both consider home.

But with the 10-year ban, Avalos is stuck in Mexico, unable to return to the US and his wife, and his future uncertain. The global outbreak and the mounting crisis in Mexico only add to his youth anxiety and the uncertainty of his future. The couple is devastated and trying to figure out what their next steps will be. They are concerned about their ability to maintain their home and the financial stability that came with Jaime's job. They are also worried about the impact the separation will have on their marriage and the stress it will put on their relationship.

The situation is a clear example of how the immigration system can fail families, leaving them stuck in limbo and facing uncertain futures. The Avalos-Martinez family is one of many caught in the crosshairs of an increasingly hostile immigration policy. The harsh penalties and the growing difficulty of obtaining residency and citizenship in the US have left many families separated and facing an uncertain future

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