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Downloadable Black Coloring Book

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What Biden and many white Americans don’t or refuse to understand is that these new ‘diverse’ commercials are not targeted to Black people and are in no way a sign of racial progress. Most interracial commercials on TV are produced to provide white Americans with a sense of comfort that in the face of changing power structures and demographics they will still dominate the racial pecking order. How do we know this? Because the commercials are based on white fantasy not actual demographic changes as Biden suggests.

Over 70% of the commercials run in the last 4 years featuring a Black and white interracial couple featured a white man and a Black woman. In fact, for certain high-end products like luxury cars, you are more likely to see a white man and his Black wife than you are a Black couple. These ads clearly aren’t reflecting America’s demographics, where 70% of Black/white interracial couples feature a Black man and a white woman.

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