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The United States incarcerates greater human beings, in each absolute numbers and according to capita, than every other kingdom withinside the world. Since 1970, the variety of incarcerated human beings has accelerated sevenfold to 2.three million in prison and jail these days, some distance outpacing populace boom and crime. 

Not every person is dealt with similarly withinside the crook justice machine. Racial bias maintains greater human beings of colour in prisons and on probation than ever before.


One out of each 3 Black boys born these days can assume to visit jail in his lifetime, as can one of each six Latino boys — in comparison with one of each 17 white boys.


Black human beings also are difficulty to pretrial detention at a better price than white arrestees with comparable expenses and history. 

Here are the memories of 3 human beings whose stories display the toll that an abusive and unjust crook machine takes on individuals, families, and communities.

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