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Shocking Incident at a Bowling Alley Captured on Video

Recently, a video of a man and woman arguing at a bowling alley has gone viral on social media, with over 7.6 million views on Instagram and 26 million views on Twitter. In the video, the woman can be seen physically pushing the man before hitting him with a bowling ball, causing him to lose consciousness for a minute.

The man did not physically touch the woman and only reacted after she put her hands on him. Despite the shocking nature of the incident, those present at the bowling alley chose to record the event instead of helping the man.

It is disturbing to see such violence captured on camera and shared on social media without any regard for the individuals involved. The speaker in the video predicts that there will be anti-black women videos that will arise from this incident, which is a concerning thought in today's society.

We must remember that violence is never the answer and that we have a responsibility to speak out against it, whether it is captured on video or not.

The video can be seen here:

It is important for us to educate ourselves and others about the dangers of violence and the importance of treating one another with respect and kindness. We should also make an effort to help those who are in need, rather than just recording and sharing events on social media.

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