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The Performance of Vice President Kamala Harris as Border Czar:

An American Perspective

The role of Vice President Kamala Harris as border czar has been a topic of discussion among Americans.

In March 2021, President Biden assigned the Vice President with the responsibility of addressing the root causes of the ongoing immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Since then, her performance in this role has been closely monitored and evaluated.

According to Fox News, people in the state of Texas assigned Harris letter grades for her management of the border crisis. The responses were evenly split, with some residents giving her a B while others gave her a lower grade. Beverly, from North Dakota, gave Harris a "Z".

Nicolas, a Waco resident, gave her a B. Bleu, from Austin, noted that the Vice President has many things on her plate and her schedule has to take into account all of her responsibilities.

Harris has visited the southwest border only once since being assigned as border czar. During that visit to El Paso, Texas in June 2021, she stated that the Biden administration's efforts alongside private organizations were making progress, including generating over $3.2 billion in economic investments across Central America. However, she has not visited the border since then, despite visiting border states.

Customs and Border Protection reported that almost 2.8 million migrants crossed the southern border illegally between September 2021 and September 2022, which is over 1 million more than the previous year. Some residents, like Robert from Austin, believe the Vice President should revisit the border to witness the effects of this surge in illegal immigration.

In conclusion, Americans are divided in their opinions of Vice President Kamala Harris' performance as border czar. While some believe she has done a satisfactory job, others believe she needs to take a more active role and visit the border to see the impact of the immigration crisis firsthand.


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