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There is no such thing as gender equality in the dating market

Equality Definition In Relationships

JB Quinnon

If a woman cooking $20 worth of food on a first date is more valuable than a man spending $250 on the first date then what is equality

"First Dates and the Value of Spending: A Guide to Equality in the Dating World"

Attention all daters, it's time for a lesson in the economics of love. Recently, there has been a difference in the value placed on cooking a dinner versus spending money on a first date. But don't worry, there is a solution to this confusion!

First, let's address the issue. If one partner is valued more for cooking a $20 dinner and the other for spending $250 on a fancy dinner, what does that say about the value placed on each partner's contribution? This doesn't seem fair or equal.

The answer is simple: equality. A first date should be about getting to know each other, not about who can spend the most money or cook the best meal. Both partners should be valued for their personalities, interests, and ability to connect with their date.

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