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10-Year-Old Boy KILLS MOM Over Amazon Purchase! Charged As ADULT!

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Police are now saying it was the mom’s refusal to buy her son an Occulus headset that lead to the tragic shooting. Investigators say the boy had unlocked the gun box in his mother’s bedroom and went to the basement, where she was doing laundry.

Despite initially claiming that he was “twirling the gun around” and it accidentally went off, he later admitted to his maternal aunt, Sharhonda Reid, that he assumed a “‘shooting stance’” and aimed the gun at his mom.

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Quiana Mann’s last words were reportedly, “Why do you have that? Put that down.” She was fatally shot in the face approximately three feet away from her, according to detectives.

Immediately after the killing, computer records show the boy accessed his mother’s Amazon account and purchased the headset. Before the boy told allegedly confessed to his aunt, and the shooting was still being treated as an accident, Reid took her nephew to see his grandmother.

“Upon arrival, when [the boy] saw his grandmother crying, he stated without any empathy or compassion: ‘I’m really sorry for what happened. I’m sorry for killing my mom,’” the criminal complaint says.

“After apologizing for killing his mother, asked if his Amazon package arrived.” The boy later altered his story and the family called the police.

Despite her grief, Mann is certain that her daughter would not want her son prosecuted as an adult.

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