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A black man that earns 60k takes home more than a woman who earns 100k because of spending!

The problem in today's society is that we care more about how much we make versus how much total wealth we have.

Your total wealth is your annual income minus your total debt. This is a more realistic idea of how much money you make based off of your overall debt.

Because we only care about how much money you make per hour versus your monthly or annual expenses there are people who make $100,000 who don't know they are poor

A black man's income to that ratio is 0.51 which means that for every dollar a black man earns he only keeps $0.49

A black woman's income to debt ratio is 0.75 which means that a black woman only keeps $0.25 for every dollar that she earns

This means that a man who makes $60,000 after his debt will bring home around $30,000 compared to a woman who makes $100,000 who brings home $25,000 after her debt. This is the reality of spending habits versus earning ability, how much you spend matters more than how much you make

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