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"Avoiding the Confidence Traffic Cops: How to Spot and Stay Away from Control Freaks in Dating"

"Dating in the modern world can be a real rollercoaster ride, but there's one thing we all want to avoid - the control freak. You know the type, they never admit they're wrong, apologize is a foreign word, and they want to control your confidence levels - think of them as confidence traffic cops

But why settle for a partner who wants to keep you in check, when you can soar with confidence and find someone who supports you? The control freaks of the dating world want you to have confidence, just not too much, because heaven forbid you outshine them.

These faux superiors will use any opportunity to bring you down, even if it means publicly disrespecting you. They'll say things like "I'm just keeping you humble" or "I'm doing you a favor". But the truth is, they're just trying to maintain their power trip.

So, why settle for someone who wants to keep you grounded, when you can fly with someone who supports you? Seek out healthy relationships, and watch your confidence soar. And if you do happen to stumble upon a control freak, just remember to stay confident and always keep your humor intact.

After all, laughter is the best defense against the confidence traffic cops."Make a catchy title and make a hashtag list of 10#DatingWoes

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