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Ghislaine Maxwell dishes on 'dear friend' Prince Andrew, 'special' pal Bill Clinton

Ghislaine Maxwell dishes on 'dear friend' Prince Andrew, 'special' pal Bill Clinton

By Lee Brown

October 17, 2022

#Esptein madam Ghislaine Maxwell seen laughing, jogging on prison track

Convicted madam Ghislaine Maxwell has said she feels “so bad” for her “dear friend” Prince Andrew — and heartbroken at the end of her “special friendship” with former President #BillClinton.

In a series of jailhouse interviews for an upcoming TV documentary, Maxwell decried the fact that famous friends have been hurt and “canceled” through their association with her and late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Among those was 42nd commander-in-chief Clinton, whose already sullied reputation was further tarnished when it emerged he flew on Epstein's so-called “Lolita Express” private jet.

“It was a special friendship, which continued over the years,” Maxwell said of her close ties with Clinton.

“We had lots in common. It's a shame he became another victim just because of his relationship with Jeffrey," she told documentary filmmaker Daphne Barack.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Clinton

Ghislaine Maxwell is pictured in a mugshot taken at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

"Like everyone else, I understand that he no longer considers me a friend," she said.

The same was true of the disgraced King Andrew, 62, of England, who was kicked out of royal duties and stripped of his title of "Her Highness" due to her scandalous ties to Epstein. Maxwell Barack, brother of Charles III, said, "I admit that this friendship could not bear my reproaches.

Bill Clinton poses with Jeffrey Epstein's infamous privateer Ghislaine his Maxwell boarding his jet.

Ghislaine admitted to understanding why Clinton "can no longer consider me a friend" after her sex trafficking conviction. Andrew and Ghislaine at Royal Ascot in 2000. Ghislaine also lamented the pain her scandal caused her "dear friend" Prince Andrew.

“He paid such a price to work with Jeffrey Epstein. I consider him a close friend. I feel so sorry for you," she told the filmmaker of his upcoming CBS-Paramount+ special.

When asked if she could see them as friends again, she admitted:

"I have no expectations."

In a series of face-to-face interviews that began while Maxwell was still incarcerated in Brooklyn, the convicted sex trafficker backed up the royal boyfriend's much-mocked claim. It was fake. "At this point, I can't believe this is a real photo, and I can't believe it looks like it," she told Barack, according to another excerpt released by the Daily Mail.

Ghislaine Maxwell reveals her apparent black eyes while complaining about her prison conditions.

Maxwell said for the upcoming documentary she gave two prison interviews and lamented her conditions.

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"There are over 50 issues with the I don't think it's a real photo," Maxwell insisted, adding that she's "willing to" take it up "once my appeal is over." Stated.

Maxwell continued to insist on her innocence, and before her trial she accused the public of falsely portraying her as her "wicked witch".

She said, "I read, I see, I hear,

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