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He wants a P *rn Star House Wife & She wants a 6 Foot loyal crimal stepdad?

Sometimes what we want is not what we need and what we need is what we don't want.

I find it a little strange that men think that a woman who's prone to hypersexuality has the desire to stay at home; sure maybe there's a small percentage of people that fit this description, but it's not the majority.

Women love a man that would are Street smart and book smart, but what they don't realize is that only a former criminal who then got into the books fit that meticulous criteria.

The world would never accept a man that was a nerd his whole life then all of a sudden became "Street Smart", so she is only looking for an active thug or a reformed thug.

He's single because even if he sacrifices his standards and looks he still met with the same non-submissive, non-cooperative and fully combative archetype. Anything beneath his minimum standard is unacceptable, just like his counterpart he'd rather be alone then to indulge and the only options that fit his temperament requirements.

She's single because she wants a man that's over 6 ft which is 14.3% of the population. She also wants a man that earns above average which is 61%, so she wants 61% of 14% of the population.

Or perhaps we could take it money first she wants 14% of 60% of the total population. She wants less than 1% of men and is not willing to compete in any way for this man that is essentially less than one out of 100.

The man can't publicly say what's beneath his standard because establishing any standard equates to shame me whatever group is excluded so that unwanted group becomes completely ignored outside of those with low to no standards.

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