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Human Trafficking and Prostitution Near East Oakland School

Human Trafficking and Prostitution Near East Oakland School

According to a recent report by KGO's I-Team, law enforcement agencies are taking action to address concerns of possible prostitution and human trafficking outside a K-8 grade school in East Oakland. The FBI and Oakland Police Department are committing to increased patrols and the installation of new surveillance cameras in the area.

In response to the report, the FBI picked up a 13-year-old girl along E. 15th St. in Oakland. Some of the women working along E. 15th St. are reportedly brought in from out of state, and the vans they arrive in often have out-of-state license plates. The FBI's special agent in charge for the San Francisco division stated that some of the suspected trafficking operations along E. 15th St. may be gang-related.

The FBI is also seeing more guns recovered in local trafficking operations and states that traffickers are using apps to track their victims' locations. This is a concerning issue, especially in trafficking operations that take place on the streets.

City Councilmember Noelle Gallo stated that the city of Oakland will be enhancing patrols around the school and the FBI will be installing additional surveillance cameras. The two agencies uncovered operations in the area last week. A meeting is being held to discuss a new enforcement plan and according to Gallo, there is greater cooperation with the FBI on this issue.

It is important to note that prostitution and human trafficking have long been a problem on International Blvd. in East Oakland. However, it has become more pervasive after recent construction moved the women into residential neighborhoods, including across the street from St. Anthony's School.

In conclusion, the city of Oakland and the FBI are taking the necessary steps to address this serious issue and protect the safety of the children and residents in the East Oakland community.

Source: KGO. "Authorities Take Action to Assess Trafficking Concerns in Oakland." ABC7, 3 Feb. 2023,

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