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Mafia Boss Apprehended While Working as a Pizza Chef

Mafia Boss Apprehended While Working as a Pizza Chef

A notorious Mafia boss has been arrested in France, after being on the run for over 16 years. Edgardo Greco, 63, associated with the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta, was apprehended in Saint-Etienne, France, where he was working under the alias Paolo Dimitrio as a pizzaiolo – or pizza chef – at the Caffe Rossini Italian restaurant. Greco was convicted in absentia in 1991 for the double homicide of brothers Stefano and Giuseppe Bartolomeo, who he is alleged to have killed with iron bars before dissolving their bodies in acid. He was also convicted of the attempted murder of several prison officials, earning him the nickname “prison killer.”

The anti-Mafia prosecutor who led the investigation, Nicola Gratteri, described Greco as a “dangerous fugitive”. Gratteri started closing in on Greco after he was featured in an article in the French newspaper Le Progres, which the restaurant posted on its official Facebook page. Police in Calabria also said that he regularly posted on social media under his false name.

Journalist and author Roberto Saviano, who has been living under police protection since his book “Gomorrah” was published in 2006, told CNN that it is common for Mafia bosses to crave attention. “It’s typical. Look at El Chapo, who, when he was working wanted to meet Sean Penn who he wanted to make a movie about him,” said Saviano.

The recent arrest of Edgardo Greco comes just two weeks after the arrest of Sicilian Cosa Nostra superboss Matteo Messina Denaro at a health clinic in Palermo, Sicily. This marks a significant victory for the anti-Mafia police, as they continue their efforts to bring these notorious criminals to justice.

Source: CNN, "Mafia boss found working as pizza boss after 16 years on the run", by Barbie Nadeau, Published on February 3, 2023, URL:

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