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Recent Incidents in Contra Costa and Surrounding Areas Raise Concerns and Prompt Action

In a region encompassing Contra Costa and its neighboring areas, a series of recent events have sparked concern and garnered attention from both the public and local authorities. These incidents span various aspects of community life, from safety inspections at a local refinery to dramatic rescues and criminal activities.

Contra Costa Health Surprises Martinez Refinery with recent incidents sparking Inspection Amidst Safety Scares

In a bold move aimed at safeguarding the community, Contra Costa Health recently conducted an unannounced inspection of the Martinez Refining Company, a facility owned by PBF Energy. This intensive scrutiny comes in the wake of a series of chemical spills and accidents that have raised questions about safety protocols and equipment reliability at the refinery.

The inspection was conducted in accordance with the county’s Industrial Safety Ordinance, a response to a troubling tally of 21 hazardous material incidents recorded this year alone. PBF Energy has also come under scrutiny for its regular flaring activities, which are emergency measures aimed at averting more significant dangers.

Contra Costa Supervisor Federal Glover expressed frustration, stating that repeated commitments by PBF to improve safety culture have not yielded satisfactory results. Regulatory bodies are pushing for the company to make the necessary investments to enhance safety measures.

This show of regulatory force is not limited to local officials. County Board of Supervisors Chair John Gioia and Vice-Chair Federal Glover are set to confront PBF’s leadership, emphasizing the need for operational changes.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District staff will join the effort, meticulously reviewing the refinery’s maintenance records, safety training, and response protocols.

Details of the inspection and its findings will be made available to the public, as Contra Costa Health is committed to transparency through updates on its website.

Fremont Hiker Rescued by CHP Helicopter and Local Firefighters at Mission Peak

In a dramatic incident highlighting the potential dangers of outdoor activities, a female hiker was rescued from Mission Peak. The rescue operation involved a helicopter and ground teams and underscored the risks associated with hiking in challenging terrain.

Oakley Authorities Seek Public’s Help to Nab Thieves Who Burglarized UPS Store Over Christmas

Christmas turned sour for residents in Oakley as a UPS Store fell victim to burglary. Authorities in the area are appealing to the public for assistance in locating the suspect responsible for stealing packages and a safe during the holiday season.

Brentwood Police Department Announces DUI Checkpoint on Balfour Road

The Brentwood Police Department has announced plans to set up a DUI checkpoint on Balfour Road on December 29, as part of a broader effort to prevent impaired driving and enhance road safety. This initiative is supported by traffic safety grants, reflecting the ongoing commitment to reducing the risks associated with drunk driving.

Man and His Dog Perish in Fiery Antioch Crash

Tragedy struck in Antioch as a man and his dog lost their lives in a fiery crash. Speed and alcohol are being investigated as potential factors contributing to this devastating incident, which has prompted Antioch Police to launch an investigation.


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