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Unequal equality!

It can be challenging to understand why women feel the need to occupy spaces traditionally dominated by men. Some women have expressed a desire for safe spaces, but at the same time, they seem to be drawn to areas where successful men are present.

In the past, women may have preferred to exercise in spaces that were separated from men such as curves. There have been instances where women have advocated for their own spaces in the past, but now some are entering male-dominated spaces and making men feel uncomfortable. This can include women filming men and accusing them of harassment, even for innocuous actions like looking in their direction.

It's been observed that despite claiming independence, some women seem to model their behavior on successful men or express dissatisfaction about not being desired by men.

Some people believe that modernism has had negative effects on women, leading to the belief that they can only be strong by emulating traditional masculine traits.

It has been observed that women are often encouraged to compete with top-tier supermodels, despite having average looks.

This can lead to unrealistic beauty standards and a belief that their average appearance is equivalent to the most beautiful women in the world.

However, when men don't show interest in partnering with them due to perceived masculine traits, some women can become bitter and direct their anger towards men in general.

Additionally, some women demand that all women be treated as if they are beautiful supermodels, while also making it clear to average men that they are not up to their standards.

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