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Tennessee Police Scandal: Officer Maegan Hall Admits to Sexual Relations with Colleagues

Title: Tennessee Police Scandal: Officer Maegan Hall Admits to Sexual Relations with Colleagues



Introduction: A recent investigation by the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee has uncovered a sex scandal involving multiple officers. Maegan Hall, a 26-year-old officer, admitted to having sexual relationships with her colleagues while on duty. Hall explained that her actions were a result of a difficult divorce and that she "cracked" and "got stupid."

Details of the Scandal: According to a transcript obtained by WSMV 4, Hall sat down with the department’s head of human resources, Andrew Patton, for three interviews. During the interviews, Hall confessed to performing oral sex on Sgt. Lewis Powell, having sex with Officer Larry Holladay, and participating in a threesome with Officer Patrick Magliocco and his wife (Propper).

Hall also attempted to initiate a wife swap with Magliocco and his wife and a sexual romp with Sgt. Ty McGowan and his wife, but these attempts failed (Propper). The affairs with Powell and Holladay eventually ended, and Hall was one of five officers terminated in connection with the investigation (Propper).

Conclusion: The Tennessee police scandal highlights the importance of ethical behavior in law enforcement and the consequences of not adhering to these standards. Maegan Hall's actions, while seemingly a result of personal struggles, were unacceptable and resulted in her termination from the La Vergne Police Department. It is crucial that all officers maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity while on duty.

Sources: Propper, David. “Tennessee Sex Cop Maegan Hall Admits She ‘Got Stupid, Desperate’ with Randy Male Officers amid Divorce.” New York Post, 30 Jan. 2023,

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