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"Uncovering the Truth: Hunter Biden's Tax Scandal"


"Uncovering the Truth: Hunter Biden's Tax Scandal"

Hunter Biden, son of President-elect Joe Biden, is currently under investigation by federal prosecutors in Delaware for his business dealings in China as part of a tax probe that began in 2018. However, a recent email obtained by NBC News has raised fresh questions about Hunter Biden's tax affairs, specifically regarding his time on the board of Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma.

The email, sent by Eric Schwerin, then President of Rosemont Seneca Partners, stated that Hunter Biden did not disclose $400,000 in income from Burisma on his 2014 tax returns and needed to "amend" them to reflect this "unreported" income. The email, which also noted that Hunter Biden earned over $1.2 million in total for the year, was made available by Rudy Giuliani's attorney Robert Costello, who said that he was given a copy of one of Hunter Biden's hard drives from the owner of a computer repair shop in Delaware.

It is not yet known if Hunter Biden took any action in response to the email or if his work for Burisma is part of the current investigation. However, the email raises serious concerns about Hunter Biden's financial transparency and potential tax evasion. The Biden transition team has declined to comment on the authenticity of the email or whether Hunter Biden amended his 2014 returns.

As the investigation continues, it is important that the truth about Hunter Biden's financial dealings is brought to light. The American people deserve transparency and accountability from those in positions of power, and any illegal or unethical behavior must be addressed.

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