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Why Some Black Women Aren’t Happy With The #PassportBros Movementhy Some Black Women Aren’t happy

Why Some Black Women Aren’t Happy With The #PassportBros Movementhy Some Black Women Aren’t Happy With The #PassportBros Movement

R. Peña

Thu, December 29, 2022 at four:15 AM PST·four min read

The #PassportBros have formally divided our internet. A developing organization of hundreds of Black guys is preaching to extra guys on social media systems that girls in different nations are the nice supply for a “conventional female” to calm down with.

Just comply with the hashtag, and you’ll see Black guys of every age describing their reports with the other intercourse in different nations in comparison to the girls withinside the United States.


Passport Movement Explained… guys with alternatives selecting

Most of our content material on Travel Noire includes tales of humans touring and dwelling overseas to discover internal peace and happiness as someone of colour in this earth.

Black humans have suffered via such a lot of types of prejudice withinside the United States that we’ve sought different nations to sense like human beings.

The #PassportBros motion can be visible as an annex to the identical internal peace and happiness concept.

A institution of Black guys who don’t sense wanted and fashionable through Black ladies searching out love overseas. They tour to distinct locations global and discover happiness with a associate of the alternative intercourse.

Women Against #PassportBros


Replying to @paythetrolltollhoe who harm you? 😂 #passportbros #passportbrothers #becareful #scamsexposed #violettalemone #blackwomenoftiktok


Black girls and different ladies of shadeation in America have long past to their TikToks and social media debts to talk towards the Passport Bros motion passionately.

Black girls in America have already got a lot on their shoulders; for many, this motion is the straw that broke the camel’s back.


This passport bro “motion” is sincerely now no longer humorous at all. Like…AT

Most in their rebuttals are that the Passport Bros are ‘weak’ Black guys that don’t realize the way to courtroom docket sturdy Black girls.

Some girls trust that the Passport Bros actual intentions are to have intercourse with overseas girls, and that they’re now no longer looking for love.

Other ladies have long gone as some distance as to mention they may be emulating their “white masters,” who've been notoriously regarded for “colonizing” and going to third-international nations to discover submissive better halves for decades.

Some girls said that they’re getting overseas ladies on the alternate rate, as overseas girls simplest need the ones guys for the little little bit of cash they deliver them, and that they aren’t falling in love with them either. Black girls who're anti-passport bros have known as those guys scum, predators, and in a few instances, pedophiles.


What She Said About PassPort Bros!!


#duet with

♬ authentic sound – Helgababushka 🙈💖🇵🇭

Even extra thrilling is the comments from ladies in different international locations.

They also are going to their TikToks in assist of the Passport Bros, declaring that a few girls withinside the Western global don’t recognise the way to ‘deal with their guys’. Some say American ladies lack femininity, and while those guys get to those nations, they deal with them like guys “should” be treated.

They proudly communicate on their conventional values and ideals despite the fact that they aren’t from nations inclusive of the US and the United Kingdom.

However, a collection of Black guys additionally talk in opposition to Passport Bros, claiming they’re only a organization of men with “no game.”  The ‘Bros’ couldn’t land a a hit Black female due to the fact they lacked intelligence.

Or, just like what the Black ladies have been pointing out, the Passport Bros are a set of liars trying to sexually make the most distinctive international locations due to the fact they have been by no means generic in social circles wherein they’re from.



When will they learn 😩 #Dating #Relationships #passportbros #Kingbrujo

♬ unique sound – King Brujo

Your thoughts?

No count number the way you slice it, the Passport Bros motion will keep to grow. One in their Facebook businesses has over 10,000 followers. Men of all ethnicities and tax brackets are taking to social media and expressing their private studies to the relaxation of the international.

I’d like to understand the way you sense approximately the Passport Bros motion. Is it fantastic for Black guys to discover love in different nations, or is that this simply every other excuse to get laid with out installing paintings even as undervaluing Black girls?

Please pontificate withinside the feedback below, and be in search of our subsequent article while we get to talk to one of the vocal leaders of the #PassportBros motion.

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