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Women are more likely to cheat than men – here’s why

Women are more likely to cheat than men – here’s why

By Sarah Marinos,

August 23, 2022 | 10:20am

Science is finding that women struggle more than men when it comes to staying faithful in relationships.

“Even when your marriage is good, you still miss that rush of feeling so excited you can’t eat or sleep when you’re having such an intense time emotionally and sexually with a new person. That’s what I kept going after, and what I couldn’t say no to.”

That’s how Annika*, 45, from Melbourne, describes her experiences with cheating, and she’s far from alone. According to a growing body of research, many women in long-term relationships are sexually adventurous and have secret lovers.

Women are more likely than men to cheat, according to a new study.

The view that it’s mostly men who cheat because their partners lose interest in sex is outdated. Science says that it’s actually women who struggle more with monogamy because they get bored in the bedroom. Women crave sexual variety and while some stifle their desire, others will be unfaithful.

Wednesday Martin, an anthropologist and author of “Untrue,” refers to this new research as “the great correction.” Martin interviewed dozens of sociologists, sex researchers and anthropologists for her book on female infidelity and says the sad, sorry picture painted of the female libido is grossly wrong. It is alive and kicking — and eager to be satisfied.

“The new research is correcting false notions that women have lesser libidos, that women are more naturally monogamous and that it’s easier for women to partner for life,” explains Martin. “Women don’t like sex less [than men] — but they do get bored of sexual sameness.”

While males may have higher levels of spontaneous desire, women take the lead for responsive or triggered desire.

“Spontaneous desire is when you suddenly think, ‘It would be nice to have sex.’ It comes over you like hunger or thirst,” says Martin. “Responsive or triggered desire occurs when something suggests the idea of sex to you — you’re watching or reading something, or a partner initiates a sexual encounter — and you get turned on. For that type of desire, women’s libidos are every bit as strong as men’s. We’ve internalized this idea that men are the randier sex and that’s untrue.”

While males may have higher levels of spontaneous desire, women have more triggered desire.

The reasons women cheat

Martin says the myth that women cheat for emotional reasons while men cheat for sexual reasons is also being overturned. She cites research by Missouri State University on a group of women who used the Ashley Madison website specifically to cheat.

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