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Starbucks discriminates against men and African Americans?

It is quite disturbing that Starbucks is allowed to present themselves as a company that cares about inclusion.

How quickly we forget, just a couple years ago Starbucks arrested two African-American men or detain them because they were sitting in the restaurant without purchasing something.

The reason that I looked up this information is because I noticed the pattern of going to coffee shops and there be nothing but women, not just women women with colorful fraggle Rock rainbow type hair.

Even though I do support everyone's right to represent themselves it felt like there had been an effort put to create an environment that only allowed women to work together and excluded men

71% of Starbucks workers are women and 50% or more are white and Hispanic women are the second most populated demographic and Starbucks

Only 5% are black women and 2% are black men, I would predict even though I don't know that the places with black people are cities that are predominantly black.

How can we let corporations practice discrimination then label it inclusion question how have we let this happen?


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